Monday, September 1, 2014

MicroReview - Tacens RADIX ECO 500W PSU

Disclaimer / warning: This review contains opinions. Also, if you're looking for a technical specification or unbiased information on how this piece of hardware actually fulfills it's duty, you won't likely find it here. But, if you are a system builder and would like a second opinion or hints on what to keep in mind when working with this specific component, look no further. :)

From entry-level power supplies I considered for Machine #1, the Tacens RADIX ECO 500W PSU seemed to be the most interesting, promising to be quiet and eco-friendly, while being promoted on a Spanish-only website. What's not to like, eh?
Packaged in a pretty white box, you can find a black PSU with a large white fan:

Mounting this PSU into the case went as expected, size- and screw-wise a standard ATX PSU.

When mounting the unit to the top of a case, as you can see from the image above, the wire bundle exits the PSU from the open side of the case. For a person who's more familiar with Cooler Master or Corsair brands, this might seem a bit unorthodox. If you actually plan your cable management ahead, be aware of the fact.

The on-off switch for the unit has a really comfortable placement, especially when top-mounting the PSU. It can, however, make you a bit nervous while assembling, since the switch is really close to the top edge of the case.
The set of connectors provided with the PSU is decent enough if you're building a small system and are not planning to have a large number of hard drives, or high-end PCI(e) cards that require additional power. What you get with the 500W unit, are:

  • a 20+4 pin motherboard connector,
  • one 4-pin CPU power connector,
  • two SATA power connectors,
  • two 4-pin HDD connectors and
  • one 4-pin FDD connector.
And this is what the unit looks like installed, including the fair warning: "Hazardous voltages contained within this power supply."

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